Best Mobile Network Provider in Germany

You might have just relocated to Germany. On landing in the country, you’ll find that a reliable mobile operator is one of the requirements you need most to ensure you are connected with family and friends. One important place to start is by comparing the different tariffs at congstar. Still, you will come across multiple mobile operators in the country. And being a new country, it might be challenging to know which one will best suit you. You will find that some providers have good data packs while others have great calling plans. Thus, it is always imperative that you do thorough research before finalizing on which one to purchase. Undoubtedly, telecommunication is an important part of life, particularly to a person who has recently settled in another country. Thus, be prudent with the provider you choose. Things you should consider include data volume, minutes, price, speed, SMS., signal strength, phone contract, and quality. Below this article has explored some of the best Network providers you can consider in Germany.

Germany’s mobile Networks

Germany is a majorly monopolistic country when it comes to telecommunication, with Telkom having majority control of internet connections and mobile networks. Overall, there are three major mobile Networks in Germany.

  • O2 (Telefónica)
  • Vodafone
  • Telekom

All German SIM card providers use one of these mobile networks. Thus, irrespective of the mobile contract, you will surf the internet or make calls with one of the three. The cheapest is O2 (Telefónica), and one of the great mobile plans it offers is the M package, which, with as low as € 1.99, you can get its SIM card.

 The different networks vary and also have varying coverage. For instance, O2 operated the E network, Vodafone the D2 network, and Telkom the D1 network. Vodafone is the second on cost after O2, with Telekom being the most expensive. All of the providers offer 4G internet coverage and can at times even get 5G.


 This is the most common network in Germany and is ahead of the other operators as far as coverage of 5G network is concerned. It offers prepaid sim card lines. It, however, has higher rates than the other provides.

This is Germany’s second-biggest provider and has various mobile plans. For young persons below 28 years, it has special prices. Throughout Germany, Vodafone has stable network coverage.

O2 (Telefónica)

Originally, O2 (Telefónica) was a Spanish telecommunications company that enjoyed a significant German market share. It is the most affordable option in the country and the 3rd greatest in the country.

German’s Mobils Network coverage

Coverage in a different part of Germany varies. Generally speaking, the country has excellent network coverage. However, in the countryside, O2 (Telefónica) lags behind. Though Germany’s network operators receive good overall ratings, unfortunately, when it comes to network coverage, the country’s operators don’t keep up with other countries in the European continent. Many places in Germany still lack 4G connections.

Problems using the train as your mode of transport

 When taking intercity trains in Germany, you might notice that mobile internet and connection disappear. Germany’s mobile network indeed has stability issues. The three networks have been ranked on how strong they are for persons who use intercity trains regularly.  The best score at 1.53 was Telkom’s., followed by Vodafone at 1.76, and at 1.79, O2 was the least.

Bet internet mobile plan in Germany

 In Germany, there are different mobile plans with contract and prepaid plans. If your stay in Germany is shorter than a year, prepaid is the most suitable option as it can be quite challenging to cancel German contracts. When it comes to prepaid mobile plans, to do calls or use data, one needs first to top-up credit. You can, however, also choose from a few postpaid tariffs available. Postpaid tariffs entail the mobile service provider invoicing you at the end of each month for the mobile service you have used.


This is similar to pay as you go, and it accounts for most German mobile plans. The primary benefit that prepaid plans offer is that they don’t commit a person to any contract.

Cellphone contract.

Quite common in Germany, Cell-phone contracts involve purchasing a phone accompanied by a mobile plan and stretching the phone payment over two years. Money for the phone and used mobile data will automatically be deducted monthly.


This entails paying the bill for used services at the end of the month. The amount is automatically deducted from your banking account. It is a suitable plan for those planning to stay in Germany for a more extended period.

In conclusion, with this article, a reader understands the different mobile networks and providers in Germany, which will help select the provider that best suits your needs.