Benefits of a Dedicated Windows and Linux Server Hosting

dedicated hosting

If you are new in the website hosting world you may be confused about the price difference of various web hosting plans. The mail hosting plans which are available in the market are shared, VPS and dedicated, however many people opt for shared web hosting plans and the reason behind this is simple. Generally, shared hosting plans are cost-effective and available at very reasonable prices in the market. But besides this, it is very important to clarify why dedicated servers are more costly. Now, let’s discuss a few benefits of the window and dedicated Linux hosting servers.

Advantages of a dedicated Windows and Linux server

Shared Web hosting services are available at cheap prices because there will be a single physical server for so many websites in sharing and will be shared between all the websites hosted on that server, where the cost factor comes down. Also, other factors like performance, reliability, disk space, bandwidth and security may be shared and can be compromised. So, Shared Web hosting is recommended only to those users who have fewer requirements and need small server space. Individuals and very small business enterprises can consider making use of shared Web hosting services.

In a dedicated hosting server, the access of a complete server will be in your hands and you can customize things according to your needs. All the resources of the Web server work to keep your web site in good running condition. In some cases, dedicated hosting also allows for hosting multiple sites on a single server. But in this case, a world-class network connection is used so that continual network monitoring is possible to ensure the availability and productivity of the website.

If you don’t want any kind of data breach and want to make your website highly secure, then a dedicated hosting service is the best fit for your needs. In a dedicated Windows and Linux hosting server, you will have complete control & access over your web hosting server. You can select the operating system of your choice, configure it, individualize settings and customize it according to your needs.

Users with high-end Web needs will be happy with the performance of dedicated servers since these can easily accommodate the deployment of complex applications, streaming media, and high-end e-mail solutions. But for having the dedicated servers are you should have a little bit of knowledge of Web technologies. Server owners can select features of their own choice such as CPU speed, hardware competence, and many other things. This maximizes your return of investment because you will customize only those features which are required.

But most developers are more comfortable in the window than Linux, because of the easy configuration.

You require an operating system that your team can easily handle and maintain.

This is the reason why dedicated Windows and Linux server hosting plans are costlier than shared server hosting plans. A user who has grown out of the limited scope provided by shared servers can make use of the facilities provided by dedicated servers to ensure maximum stability and security.